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The Lexine Corporation in affiliation with Midwest Laboratory, has developed products that could help cut fuel costs by an average of 25%, while at the same time provide smoother performance and increased power. 


Midwest Development Laboratory, Inc. received it’s corporate charter on July 1, 1979 for the purpose of technical development and marketing of a line of concentrated fuel conditioners. 


Since MDL had spent several years of experimental work on gasoline and diesel fuel conditioners, the first and major order of business was to file application for Letters of Patent to cover the ingredients and certain manufacturing processes utilized in the production of Lexine fuel conditioners. 

MDL has continued over the past years to improve the design and efficiency of Lexine fuel conditioners, as well as to develop formulations for aircraft fuels, Bunker C marine and industrial fuel, and such specialized engines as turbo jets. 


MDL has developed fuel conditioners designed for specify geographical climates and continues, to this day conducting Research and Development work in the many facets of energy and how to use it. 

Fuel prices are rising - Quality is declining.  Lexine Fuel Conditioners are a ready solution to many of the problems faced by industry today.

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