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  • Flash Point:  Flash point of gasoline or diesel fuel will not change significantly when Lexine is added.

  • Cetane Level: Increases the effective cetane level of diesel fuels. 

  • Cloud Point: Reduces temperature at which diesel fuel starts to gel by 1 degree. 

  • Pour Point: Reduce temperature at which diesel stops flowing by 4 degrees. 

  • Sulfur Wt: Will not add sulfur to diesel fuel. 

  • Ash Wt: Will not add ash to diesel fuel. 

  • Carbon Test: Will not leave carbon residue in treated diesel fuel. 

  • Copper Strip: Will not cause difficulties (corrosion/rust) with copper, brass or bronze part of the fuel system. 

  • Viscosity: Lexine ML-521 fuel conditioner lowers the viscosity of thick heavy Bunker C fuel by 12 centistoke. 

  • Harmful Metals (Halogenated Compound): Unlike tetraethyl lead which was used to improve the octane rating of fuels for over 60 years. Lexine does not contain any metal.

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