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  1. Increase Mileage Per Gallon

  •  Lexine breaks down fuel compounds into desirable molecular arrangements through chemical reaction. 

  • The chemical reaction results in a fuller and sustained burning time. 

  • Virtually all fuel and exhaust vapors are utilized giving the engine more power.

  • Results in 10%-30% increase in milage.


  2.  Reduce Expensive Repairs

  • It minimizes carbon buildup in carburetors, on valves, pistons and spark plugs.

  • Cleans fuel tank, fuel lines and helps prevent fouling of fuel injectors. 

  • Reduces fungus growth, gelling and gum formation in diesel fuel. 

  • Displaces small amounts of water that may stray into the fuel tank. 

  • Counteracts condensation and ice formation in fuel tanks and lines. 

  • Extends the life of a tune-up by hundreds of miles. 


  3. Eliminate Harmful Emissions 

  • Unburned fuel and harmful hydrocarbons are virtually eliminated or highly minimized. 

  • Auto emissions are reduced below acceptable standards. With, Lexine, vehicles can pass stringent test without difficulty. 

  • All vehicles using Lexine blended fuels reduce harmful environmental pollutants.

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