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Raw gasoline, except for a few gallons per barrel is low octane type.  The molecules are of the straight-chain type.  Such gasoline burns so fast, it is almost considered explosive.  Such explosiveness contributes to knock and ultimate engine damage if it is not controlled. Back in 1922 it was discovered that tetra-ethyl lead, when added in small amounts to gasoline, would cause it to burn more slowly, increasing octane.  For almost 50 years, “Ethyl” was added to gasoline, but more recently it was found that the increased lead in the atmosphere was contaminating the environment. Legislation now strictly prohibits the use of lead in gasoline.

So, now that the solution is gone… WHAT NOW?

The gasoline found in most crude oils has a low octane number.  Needed high-octane components are made by chemical synthesis.  Since 1974 and the oil crisis which was precipitated through the civilized world that year, we have been forced to learn how to get more miles from every gallon of gasoline, and more miles from every barrel of crude oil available…. to say nothing of what we should be doing about cleaning our atmosphere. 

For more than a half-century we developed engines as though petroleum would always be cheap and plentiful.  The automotive industry built engines for power, speed and performance. Compression rations were raised almost annually, and this technology required continuously higher octane gasoline and high octane diesel fuel. 


1974 proved to be the turning point.  It must be realized that the octane rating of gasoline has little relationship to the amount of energy a given quantity of the fuel contains.  In other words, a gallon of low octane gasoline contains the same amount of heat energy as a gallon of high octane gasoline. But we can extract considerably more low octane gasoline from a barrel of crude oil than we can high octane gasoline. 

Simply stated, “Today’s fuels have to be treated to be suitable”.  Lexine Fuel Conditioner transforms costly, polluting gasoline and diesel fuel into a new product which is both economical and cleaner burning. ML-521 is the trademark for a gasoline improver developed by Midwest Development Laboratory, Inc. This product, (a concentrate) when used as directed effectively increases the octane level of gasoline.  This results in greater power, improved fuel efficiency, and a cleaner burning fuel for a better environment. 

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