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ML-521 Fuel Conditioner is one of the most advanced scientific formulas of 21st century technology.  These exceptional fuel conditioners were developed to reduce fuel pollution to comply with or exceed Environmental Standards and reduce fuel consumption in gasoline and diesel motor vehicles. 


ML-521 Fuel Conditioners far surpass any other fuel additive being marketed today.  ML-521 fuel conditioners have no real competition. All processes are protected by Patents so there are no other Lexine conditioners or additives with fuel saving Lexine employed. 


ML-521 Fuel Conditioners are safe.  In fact they contain only the basic elements: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.  Since Lexine products are environmentally harmless, their use is not restricted by legislation. 


We can now again control the knock in gasoline and diesel fuels to protect the engine and increase it's life.


We can take advantage of the inherent fuel economy afforded by ML-521. 


We can responsibly clean up our oceans acidification and clean up our nation's air all in one place. 




ML-521 is the trademark for a gasoline improver developed by Midwest Development Laboratory, Inc. This product, (a concentrate) when used as directed effectively increases the octane level of gasoline.  This results in greater power, improved fuel efficiency, and a cleaner burning fuel for a better environment. 


ML-521 is designed for use with regular unleaded,  premium unleaded, or gasohol fuels. It is completely safe for all gasoline powered automotive and truck engines, when used approximately as directed. It will have no harmful effect on vehicles equipped with catalytic converters, because it contains no lead, cadmium, phosphorus, or other contaminating metals or substances.

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ML-521-D is the equivalent of ML-521, formulated for diesel fuels. ML-521-D enhances the effective cetane value of diesel fuel, providing more actual “pulling power” and smoother engine performance. 

ML-521-D contains Lexine, which provides additional pressure when the engine is under load, just when it is needed most.  Diesel engines typically have an air to fuel ratio near 85 to 1 when idling.  This ratio drops, however, to about 20 to 1 under heavy load.  This fact is evident in the form of visible dark smoke exuding from the exhaust stack of over the road trucks and farm tractors working under heavy load conditions.  With ML-521-D, this smoke is significantly reduced. This means more fuel is being converted to power, and less unburned fuel goes up the stack.  It means more miles per gallon, less carbon buildup in the combustion chamber, and cleaner fuel injection nozzles.

One 4 oz bottle of ML-521-D will condition 120 gallons of diesel fuel (1cc to every gallon of fuel).  It is safe for all diesel engines. ML-521-D reduces maintenance costs by removal and prevention of carbon formation.  With regular use, it helps prevent fuel gelling in the cold winter months.  It also retards the growth of fuel fungus.

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